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SSB4 Trailer Ideas: Freddy Fazbear
The trailer starts with the usual smash flame logo. Mega Man, R.O.B. and Samus are seen fighting inside of a dimly lit warehouse as this music plays ( R.O.B. is flying around shooting lasers at the other 2 opponents as they dodge them while continuing to fight each other. Samus tries to shoot a super missile at Mega Man but it misses and hits a wall in the distance. King Dedede is shown hiding behind a stack of boxes near the wall. He picks up his hammer and prepares to sneak up on the opponents. Just then, the power goes out (the characters are still visible but you can still tell it's dark) causing everyone to stop and look around in confusion. Dedede shrugs it off and continues to emerge from behind the boxes, he lifts up his hammer ready to attack when suddenly a familiar tune starts to play (
:iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 5 8
SSB4 Trailer Ideas: Steven Universe/Pearl
The trailer starts like every other Smash Bros. trailer (with the Smash logo and fire)
A familiar city is shown (Beach City) as this music plays. A letter can be seen being blown around by a breeze until it hits the ground. A hand is seen picking it up and opening it. Then it shows the person (Steven) running off, but only you can only see his feet. The screen goes black for a second before cutting to the next scene, which takes at an open field with an intense thunderstorm going on. The character that are seen fighting are Link, Ness, Lucina, Yoshi. The song playing is this. (I know, epic right?) Link and Lucina fight each other with their swords while Ness is dodging Yoshi's every move. Steven can be seen watching from a cliff in the distance. Ness attempts to use PK Thunder on Yoshi, but misses and heads towards Link and Lucina who dodge it as well. The
:iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 3 0
Palutena's Guidance: Dcigs and Steven Universe

Pit: I swear, I've seen this guy before. 
Palutena: Oh, that must be Dcigs. He's that one guy that complains about restaurants, stores, and other things.
Pit: Oh yeah! He's so funny! I like the one where he ranted about that toy store. 
Palutena: Well anyway, it looks like he wants to fight you.
Pit: Really? What's he going to do, make fun of me? This will be an easy win.
Sefus: Ha ha ha ha! You really think you can beat the shit out my homeboy, Siggas?
Pit: Hey, you're that short guy from some of his videos. Uh...Sefus right?
Sefus: Hell yeah bro!
Viridi: So what does your " homeboy" bring to this fight?
Sefus: Well, he got an airsoft gun for cappin you upside the head, he got a samurai sword for slicing yo bitch ass, and he got them quick reflexes 'cause he's a black ninja know what I'm sayin.
Pit: What about his final smash?
Sefus: Oh yeah, that? He shoots a laser out his hand. He calls it Siggas Blast.
Pit: That's doesn't sound that powerful.
:iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 2 1
Palutena's Guidance: Freddy Fazbear and SMG4 Mario
Freddy Fazbear
Pit: What's up with this robot bear? He looks like one of those creepy animatronics.
Palutena: That's because he is an animatronic. That's Freddy Fazbear, the mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Pit: So what's he doing here? How is he able to move? And why does he look like he wants to kill me?!?
Palutena: Calm down Pit and let me answer.
Pit: Okay sorry.
Palutena: According to the restaurant's night guard, Freddy and his other robot friends seem to be...oh how should I put this, haunted.
Pit: Are you serious? As if animatronics weren't scary enough.
Palutena: They've been known to try and stuff anyone who happens to be there at night into a robot suit as if they were a metal endoskeleton. I heard it's very compressed and painful.
Pit: Okay, it's official, I'm afraid of animatronics. But that doesn't mean I won't take him down!
Palutena: Just don't destroy him completely. The manager will probably get very mad.
Pit: Does he not know the truth?
Palutena: He pr
:iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 20 11
B-day gift: Brandon of the Stars (AT Style) by Bentendo222 B-day gift: Brandon of the Stars (AT Style) :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 2 2 Miltonia Dream Address by Bentendo222 Miltonia Dream Address :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 0 0 Just like real life by Bentendo222 Just like real life :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 1 0 I'm a Mayor now! by Bentendo222 I'm a Mayor now! :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 1 1 Duchess Gummybuns (LSP) sprites by Bentendo222 Duchess Gummybuns (LSP) sprites :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 7 1 Finn with Candy Sword by Bentendo222 Finn with Candy Sword :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 13 0 Tiffany's Emotion sprites by Bentendo222 Tiffany's Emotion sprites :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 2 1 Possessed Ice King sprites by Bentendo222 Possessed Ice King sprites :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 10 15 Adventure Time RPG Cast 2.0 by Bentendo222 Adventure Time RPG Cast 2.0 :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 29 14 Adventure Time RPG Cast by Bentendo222 Adventure Time RPG Cast :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 20 4 Adventure Time RPG preview 7 by Bentendo222 Adventure Time RPG preview 7 :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 2 5 Adventure Time RPG preview 6 by Bentendo222 Adventure Time RPG preview 6 :iconbentendo222:Bentendo222 2 1
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